Monthly Archives: October 2016

NO Insurance? NO Problem!

Is not having dental insurance keeping you from getting the necessary care you need?  We have been brainstorming on ways to help those without dental insurance.  We have a SOLUTION!  It’s called the “NO Insurance? NO Problem! Dental Plan”.  We understand the cost for dental care can be significant so we are making it affordable for you.  Your dental and overall health are our top priority and we want you to receive the necessary treatment.  If you become a member you’ll receive the preventive care we all need.  You’ll also be covered for emergency’s and 20% OFF on all eligible procedures without a yearly maximum and NO deductibles.  Below is a quick introduction to the program.

Introducing NO Insurance?  NO Problem! Dental Plan

Introducing NO Insurance? NO Problem! Dental Plan

So, if it’s been a while or not having dental insurance has kept you away, you can now receive affordable quality care.  New patients and existing patients are eligible.  Please call us or swing by to join or if  you have questions.